Swiss Boarding School

Switzerland is without a doubt a top performing country in terms of the quality of its educational system. Switzerland’s private and independent schools offer a high quality education that includes small class sizes individualized attention including special needs and teachers that are passionate about your children learning.

The boarding schools of Switzerland are the leading boarding schools in the world. The schools have hosted members   of the royal family, famous bureaucrats, successful business people, scientists, musicians, and many other important personalities.

The most important feature of Swiss Boarding Schools is that they bring together many different cultures and languages. Our graduates leave our school as individuals who can speak at least two foreign languages, who have adopted the multi culture mosaic of Switzerland, who have a high level of intellectual acumen and who have well-established social values. Everyone who has had high school and boarding school education in Switzerland will feel this privilege all his life. We describe this experience as a long-term social, cultural, spiritual and academic investment to be felt throughout a lifetime.


The Tradition of Excellence
Rousseau, Pestalozzi and Piaget are among the leading founders of the education tradition in Switzerland. The comprehensive training, discipline, disinterestedness, the focus on personal and academic development are the basic building blocks of this tradition and they are still exercised today. According to Piaget “the basic aim of education is not only to repeat what other generations did, but also to create individuals capable of doing new things.”

Switzerland prides itself on its first class and excellent education before and after university studies. Through these features, it assures that the students will acquire the necessary qualifications to stand against the challenges of globalization.


Cultural Diversity (Wealth) and Multilingual Education
Cultural Diversity and Wealth are the most crucial features distinguishing them from others. At each of our school, over fifty students from various races receive training. Students share life with kids from different ethnic groups, languages, religions, cultures and get the chance to know different cultures other than their academic and social competence. Respect for colors, cultures and elders are the basic principles of our schools.


A Comprehensive Education Option
At most of our boarding schools, intensive English, French, German and Italian are given as second languages. Maintaining bilingual education in our schools is a popular option. Every one of our school has a rare educational structure including three or four high school programs.

The basic feature of this unrivalled educational structure is that it offers diverse and multi-lingual diploma programs accepted by all the universities in the world: International Baccalaureate (IB), IGCSE, Advanced Placement (AP), A-Levels, Swiss Federal Maturity, French Baccalaureate and German Abitur, Italian Maturita. These diplomas give students the chance to attend universities in both the countries in questions and other countries. The students are educated in accordance with systems of the countries where they would like to attend universities. The most preferred program is IB, that is, the International Baccalaureate. It is valid all over the world and it is a program offered by the countries accredited with the IBO (The International Baccalaureate Organization).


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