University of Oxford PRE-IB Summer Camp

The courses are for students about to begin their IB Diploma in the following school term; designed to give them the best possible start in their IB studies. The 3 week course is a full introduction to the IBDP and prepares students thoroughly for all parts of the programme, focusing especially on the areas that students find the most challenging. There is also a 2 week option for those who have less time.

The programme is prepared using the combined expertise of our Academic Team, all of whom are highly experienced IB teachers.

Our Pre IB Summer Schools Oxford are held in two colleges of Oxford University: St Antony’s College and Queen’s College.

What to expect from OSC’s UK Pre IB Summer School:
•    A course designed specifically for students who are about to start their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in the following school term.
•    The course covers all aspects of the IB Diploma, from content to key skills needed to be a successful IB student.
•    All aspects of the course are taught by highly experienced IBDP teachers from excellent IB schools all over the world, many of whom are IBDP examiners.
•    A dedicated team of Deans to look after all your non-academic needs and provide exciting and varied activities in the afternoons and evenings, as well as 24 hour pastoral care.
•    A focused, academically rigorous programme covering a range of IBDP subjects, designed to help students reach the required entry level for their IB Diploma
•    Full time courses with lesson led by expert IB teachers.
•    Small academic teaching classes
•    Daily supported homework and a dedicated ‘homework hour’ each evening
•    Reports written by teachers and available online for parents
•    A range of afternoon options including academic classes in Sciences and Humanities, university application advice, sports and local culture
•    A Course Orientation providing students with an overview of the IB Diploma and how the OSC Pre IBDP Summer School will prepare them for their studies
•    A beautiful and stimulating university environment
•    Increased confidence, new international friends and experience of university life.
Step One is a well experienced, successful educational and careers guidance partner that is able to offer our students professional route regarding their educational and career goals.

Who are they and what do they do ?
In order to make right choices for our students, certain professional assesments need to be carried out by a professional partner .Step One provides specialist guidance and advice on higher education choices, vocational interests and learning support. This work is underpinned by the use of inventories and psychometric assessments which provide our students with a clear understanding of their abilities, interests and preferences in both educational and vocational choices.

The Step One Assessment Philosophy

Step One programs are designed to enable our students to make better, more informed decisions about their future education and career choices.

For Parents

We know that every parents want to have an independent, professional guidance on the important decisions - potential school subject choices, University courses and professional career opportunities for their son or daughter. They would like to see inspirational, realistic ideas. We realize it is very important to provide impartial, objective and professional guidance from the experts, so that your child makes the right decisions, is inspired, focused with a keen sense of direction and motivation.

Why do we work wıth Step One

We want your students to have ideas for the future, a greater awareness of themselves, ready to apply to universities. We want them motivated to achieve their best, to identify their strengths and working on their areas for development. We want our students to be applying themselves in the most effective and efficient way in order to really engage with our schools and maximise their grades.

We also want reliable and valid, concrete and scientific information and data on your students to supplement your own knowledge and expertise.


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